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Living in a Fanta-Sea World - Why is Role Play so beneficial?

Living in a Fanta-Sea World - Why is Role Play so beneficial?
23rd December 2020
Here at Ocean Adventurers Indoor Play centre in Cheddar, Somerset we are continuing to strive to always be at the top of the game for soft-play centres and to lead the charge for change and unique development in the industry. We focus on how our centre can benefit children, help them develop new skills and set their imaginations wild.

Role Play is viewed as an extremely important part in any child’s development as it has the capabilities of helping develop confidence, creativity, communication, physical development, and problem-solving skills. Alongside being a truly fun activity, it can also enable children to get into character and act out real life roles or fictional performances. It is an activity that can be purely child lead that encourages children to take risks and be creative with whatever role it is that they are playing.

The multitude of different roles that can be played from doctors and teachers to builders, shopkeepers and policemen/ women is perfect for encouraging empathy between children. It allows them to act out real life situation and get creative. It is said to increase children ability to positively interact with others, giving them a sense of responsibility to act accordingly, effectively disguising learning as play!

Allowing children to act out different real-life situations can provide them with the opportunity to learn about real-life environments and situations whilst still staying at their own pace. In addition, when carrying out this type of play it can help develop children’s verbal communication skills and physical mannerisms by practising what they have already learnt in their own life situations.

At Ocean Adventurers we have created our very own Role Play Village for children to truly immerse themselves in and create a little imaginary life for themselves during their visits. This is not only an amazingly fun form of escapism for the kids, but it can help them build skills that will last a lifetime.
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