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Frequently Asked Questions

Safety & Cleanliness FAQs

We employ cleaners who clean the centre every day, including a rigorous cleaning regime for the play structures. You will also see our general staff cleaning tables, sweeping and mopping in general areas. We have a large scrubber-dryer machine that cleans and disinfects the floors on a regular basis.

We also use a process called fogging, which is used in a lot of hospitals to disinfect large open areas, the fogging equipment emits a fine mist of chemicals that disinfect every area they come into contact with, getting into every nook and cranny. The chemicals change structure when drying to become water and evaporating into oxygen so although they are very effective at disinfecting bugs, when dry they are completely harmless. This makes them 100% eco-friendly and child safe.

We have a child protection policy in place that ensures certain controls such as maglock-controlled or alarmed entry/exit points are in operation or that adults may not enter the premises without a child. Please do not be offended if you arrive on your own to meet family who are already in the centre and we ask you to get them to come out and meet you.

Our structure design complies with BS EN 1176 and is independently inspected every six months to make sure it is structurally sound and compliant with this standard. Our staff also carry out daily checks on the structure to ensure it is safe for use. Soft plays by their nature are designed to encourage children to take risks in a controlled environment.

Our centre is designed to make this process as safe and fun as possible. We have at least one member of staff that is trained in first aid during off-peak periods and two members of staff during peak days. We have staff trained in both paediatric and general first aid. All of our staff are DBS checked.

We allow pictures to be taken in centre as long as you do not photograph other children in your picture.